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✓ Are you an event planner or part of a marketing team that strategises, plans or manages events?

✓ Are you a business owner who has been unable to run events, pivot into virtual or has a team of staff with outdated skills and knowledge?

✓ Do you have event planning experience or education that is now outdated due to all the changes in the industry?

✓ Are you an aspiring event planner trying to break into the world of events, but need the right skills? 

If you said YES to any of these questions this course was designed for YOU!

Magnette Academy’s The Event Management Course for the Digital Age is a leading-edge 12-week, online multi-media based program

This course has been designed to support event planners by upgrading their knowledge and skillset in event strategy, event design and execution

Learn how to create and manage seamless and engaging online, hybrid and live events, in line with international best practices

If you are involved with the strategic planning, management or coordination of events, this course is your essential guide on how to confidently execute events, meetings and conferences successfully in 2021 and beyond.

Magnette Academy has curated a progressive event management course unlike any other to help you revolutionise your future events and provide you with peace of mind that you have the most up to date and accurate knowledge on how to create and manage safe, digitally integrated and incredible events. What makes this course so unique is that it is taught by a suite of industry experts who are leaders in their fields on various subjects, so you are always learning from the best of the best.


➡ Do you feel overwhelmed by all the new event tech and the new world of virtual and hybrid events?  

➡ Are just waiting around for things to return to ‘normal’ so you can work on events again?  

➡ Are you considering a career change because you just don’t think you are skilled enough to succeed in this changing industry?

➡ Do you feel unsure about how to assure your clients and guests of a safe event?  

Enrolment is open for our flagship course: 

This leading edge course focusses on the exponential development and advancement of event tech and the restructuring of event strategies and skills needed to run successful events. 

What you will get:

  • 10 Modules of content delivered through multi-media learning channels
  • Learn from a variety of expert opinion and business leaders
  • Access to live monthly coaching calls
  • Exposure to multiple new event platforms and innovative event technology
  • The ability to learn in your own time through our online learning platform which is available on both web and mobile
  • Increased confidence in your ability to run successful events post the disruption of Covid-19
  • An upgraded understanding of the current eventing landscape and a refreshed and modernised skillset eventing practices
  • Join a supportive and collaborative community in our private member-only site
  • Free bonus practical templates and checklists that can be utilised for your next event
  • A competitive edge through the acquisition of up to date event skills and knowledge on a variety of event management topics

Course Instructors & Contributors

Jenna-Leigh Schnell

Course Director and Managing Director of Magnette Academy


Nicole Biondi

Marketing Director, Public Speaker and Host


Ella Kieran

Vice President of Marketing for WPP Global


Sarah Baldock

CEO of be-good Creative Agency


Nomfundo Matlala

Brand and Media Strategist, CEO at Marche Media


Luke Potter

Events, Sponsorship, CRM Specialist and Entrepreneur


Genius Phila Mnywabe

Marketing Manager and Brand Specialist


Michael Jackson

Professional Presenter and Conference Speaker


Carissa Rapolthy

Managing Director of Experiential Events Agency


Yusuf Abrajee

Spier Wine Farm & Hotel’s Executive Chef


Johan Jordaan

Spier Wine Farm’s Senior Red Wine Maker


Roland Sweet

CEO of LittleBig and LittleBig Studios


Mic Mann

Co-CEO of Mann Made and SingularityU SA


Marisa Logan

Digital Marketing Strategist, PR Specialist & Podcast Host


Please note that placement on this course is limited so book now to ensure you are skilled for eventing success!

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The disruption of the global events industry and the evolution of our flagship course

As an owner of an established, successful and forward-thinking eventing company, I was completely rocked by the disruption the eventing industry experienced during the pandemic. 2020 was set to be our biggest year yet, we had numerous large-scale events and conferences booked and I had international corporate CEO’s flying out to meet with me to plan their 2020 conferences in early February. By the end of April, all of my events had been postponed or cancelled indefinitely….. What now?

The events industry, innovative as always, adapted. 2020 birthed an explosion of event technology and platforms were introduced to the market so that events could be held online and in virtual reality. But I’d never run an online event, never mind an event in VR! I felt overwhelmed by the vast array of event platforms I needed to investigate and demo, which ones were best suited to my client’s events and how do I keep attendees engaged? With live events starting again what is the new health and safety protocol? How can one prevent a super spreader occurrence? How do we run a successful hybrid event for those who wish to attend live events virtually? How do I get back to business and run really incredible events with this multitude of changes? There were so many questions and most importantly where can I find all the accurate answers to these questions?

I realised that if I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure, so were many people in my industry. As a result, I have put together an incredible team of instructors and learning material compiled in an online course, designed to empower event planners with an advanced toolkit for running successful events in 2021 and beyond.

- Jenna-Leigh Schnell- MD of Magnette Event Management and Magnette Academy 



Module 1: Introduction to Events Management in the Digital Age

The purpose of this module is to welcome and introduce the course and the curated course journey. This module focuses specifically on introducing event planners to the multitude of changes that have affected the events industry over the last two years and how the industry has responded and adapted. We unpack the primary event trends that have emerged in the 2020s and discuss their influence on event design and management. The new skill sets and competencies required to compete and be successful in the modern eventing industry are introduced, so that event planners can have a sound understanding of what is required to run events in this forever-changing landscape. 

Module 2: The dynamics of setting up an unforgettable event

This module introduces event design strategy to encourage event planners to think differently about how they approach designing and creating event experiences. The first part of the module unpacks  how to design and plan an immersive event experience and a participant experience journey. The second part exposes learners to disruptive event formats, unconventional eventing design strategy, tactics and provides international examples of events where the standard event model has been disrupted successfully.

Module 3: Pitching for an Event and Successful Sponsorship Procurement and Management

This module has been designed as a guide on how to create and to present successful pitches and how to successfully tier, procure and manage sponsorships. Event planners will learn from clients who have been on the awarding end of multiple pitches and sponsorship proposals. Our guest instructors cover how to create a winning presentation, what makes a presentation stand out and what are the biggest mistakes event planners commonly make in their pitches and presentations. A blueprint is provided on how to collate, design and deliver a winning pitch.

Module 4: Effective Speaker Selection and Management

This module outlines and explains the strategic reason for including speakers into your events, discusses the challenges faced by event planners and provides practical solutions for content planning and speaker selection. The module teaches event planners how to plan event content effectively, brief speakers successfully and ensure the event audience remains engaged in the event content.

Module 5: Experiential Marketing, Brand Activation & Social Media Integration and Management

The first part of this two-part module teaches experiential marketing strategy and presents event planners with an approach to designing an impactful experiential campaign and/or event. Social media and experiential marketing integration is explained, as well as how creative brand activations can be integrated into social media campaigns. The second part of the module teaches social media integration from a strategic brand perspective. 

Module 6: Creative Catering, Sustainability and Wine Education

This two-part module focuses on creative event catering, wine education and beverage selection for various event styles. The first part offers a progressive look at creative event catering, sustainability practices, event catering trends and health and safety requirements. The second part of the module offers fundamental wine education that every event planner should know, so they can select the perfect wines to accompany any occasion and meal.

Module 7: Elevating Event Experiences

This module covers all of the creative and tangible details involved when compiling an event experience. The first part of the module covers event and brand corporate identities and how they should be translated into the event experience through set, décor and design elements. Event planners are taught how to create and design spaces in their events and how to utilise software programs for event layouts. Tangible assets such as staging, sets, activation stations, décor and bespoke event collateral are all covered in this module.

Module 8: Project Management, Event Operations and Health and Safety

This two-part module has been designed to provide support to event managers by introducing logistics and operations processes for live, online and hybrid events.  Event planners are offered a fresh look at effective event project management and project management software tools. The second part of this module focuses heavily on health and safety compliance with a large focus on best practices for Covid-19 safety protocol for events and rapid testing at events. Event liabilities are discussed and guidance is provided on how to effectively set up a safe and compliant event for both the event crew and guests.

Module 9: Event Finance and budgeting

This module teaches event planners effective ways to compile and create event budgets and how to manage the financial requirements of an event project. The module includes vital real-life learnings and applications relevant to event management budget creation. We cover financial documents for client presentation, cash flow management, managing and calculating the profitability of an event and post event reporting.

Module 10: Eventing in the Digital Age

This extensive module provides event planners with up to date information and knowledge about the full suite of technological advancements and digitization influencing event strategy, design, planning and management. The module covers all you need to know about creating and running successful webinars, event streaming, online events, hybrid events and the future of event management.  The module explains Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and how they are being used to enhance event experiences and how they can be successfully integrated along with the most current event tech into events. The module also features an extensive section teaching event planners about artificial intelligence and the way A. It is already being used on a daily basis in event management and how it is transforming the landscape of event management in the future.

Bonus Material
  • A free bonus Masterclass is included with top tips and hacks for event entrepreneurs: the things that nobody teaches you is delivered by our Course Director and is based on her extensive experience has an event manager, business owner and entrepreneur.
  • A free bonus of event tech, event software and event platform videos are showcased in the course. This is a huge time saver as we’ve collated and filmed demos so that you can see and experience some of the top platforms and software programs without having to spend hours searching through the internet and setting up individual demonstrations.
  • A variety of custom-made event management templates and checklists are provided that you can use to make planning and managing your next event a seamless and supported experience.



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