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FREE must have video guide for event planning and management in the digital age. 

Learn from Magnette Academy’s Expert Instructor and Master Online Event Director, Mic Mann, on how to Create and Execute Exceptional Online Event Experiences.

Mic is Co-CEO of Mann Made and SingularityU SA. In Part 1 of his 6 Part Masterclass series featured in The Event Management Course for the Digital Age, Mic provides a comprehensive online event planning process and insights into how to create an exceptional online event.

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In this video; Creating and Executing Exceptional Online Events you will learn:


Why do event planners need to embrace technology

Mic unpacks how the eventing landscape has changed and how that has resulted in the virtualization of events. You will learn what an online event is, why online events are here to stay and what that means for event planners for the foreseeable future.


Online event design and project planning

Mic provides a strategy and 6 steps online event design and planning process that is essential knowledge for anyone involved in modern event planning.  This step by step and easy to understand planning process will support both experienced and novice event planners design immersive and engaging virtual user experiences.


Online event management processes and key learnings

Using a real life case study of the SingularityU SA Online Summit, Mic shares his key event management learnings for the production, management and execution of an online event. The SUSA Summit is a progressive, experiential 3 day online summit that pivoted from a live to a virtual experience. Insights and learnings are provided on how to seamlessly run an online event including how to brief and manage speakers, health and safety requirements and Mic’s tips for maximising attendee engagement.

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This free resource on Creating and Executing Exceptional Online Events is everything you need to start upskilling yourself to plan, design and manage cutting edge events.

Mic’s full 6 part Masterclass includes;

  1. Creating and Executing Exceptional Online Events (Available here as a free resource guide)
  2. Hybrid Event Design and Management
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Exploring Event Tech

This Masterclass series is Part of Module 10 in our online 12-week course, taught by expert instructors and business leaders.

We know the new world of events and the technological revolution that has occurred can be daunting. We understand that the influx of new technology and new best practices across the planning spectrum can be overwhelming for both clients and planners.

Our Flagship course, The Event Management Course for The Digital Age has been designed as your essential guide in navigating and understanding all these changes and to support you in planning your next event experience.


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